A Villager’s Hand has partnered with the Katosi Women’s Development Trust in Uganda to help rural women build a sustainable craft business to support their families.

Women of Katosi traditionally earned a living processing fish. But the work disappeared due to pollution in Lake Victoria. Not only did they lose their livelihoods, but the food staple for their families. Increased competition for any other local jobs left many unemployed with no way to provide for their families. Men moved on to find work elsewhere and often took another wife. Because the women were mostly illiterate and lacked any mobility, they sank deeper into poverty.

By making crafts, the women are finding a way to generate an alternative income and thus find their own way out of poverty. Many of their products are made from recycled materials, thus helping the environment. The KWDT needed help to get the products to the global marketplace. AVH is pleased to offer them that opportunity.