A Villager’s Hand is a 501c3 fair trade nonprofit. We are committed to improving the lives of the villagers we help in developing countries, and we hope you will join us in that effort by supporting their work through the purchase of crafts, or by making a donation to women who are making a positive social change in their villages. Please give generously!

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Join Us

One of the ways you can support the work of A Villager’s Hand is to join us on a trip to some of our villages. You may choose to go to Kenya to help build traditional manyatta for containing animals for our widows, or visit children in the rescue centers in Vietnam. Imagine sitting around a campfire with Maasai villagers who will sing and share stories, learning some of the techniques used in creating the natural colors and dyes of items made in the Peruvian jungle, or teaching needed skills such as budgeting or computer skills to villagers. These are experiences you will never forget! This is an opportunity for you to use skills you have in business, accounting, computers, arts and crafts, medicine, etc. and do something good for others. Contact us for more details.

Sponsor Kids

We believe education is the key to helping future generations leave poverty behind. Unfortunately, in many of our women’s countries, education is not free. You can ensure that the children of our women stay in school by sponsoring a child. Your monthly or annual donation will cover the cost of school fees, uniform (or clothing), and school supplies. Click on the picture of each child to read the profile and choose a child to sponsor. You will receive a thank you letter and gift from your child, plus regular updates on their education.