Sponsor Kids

We believe education is the key to helping future generations leave poverty behind. Unfortunately, in many of our women’s countries, education is not free. You can ensure that the children of our women stay in school by sponsoring a child. Your monthly or annual donation will cover the cost of school fees, uniform (or clothing), and school supplies. See their profiles and pictures below. When you choose a child to sponsor, contact jbrosius@avillagershand.com with the child's name and sponsorship level. You will receive a thank you letter and gift from your child, plus regular updates on their education.


Primary School Age Children (Through class 8)

Silver Level  $15 a month will take care of their school fees

Gold Level $25 a month pays school fees, school uniform and supplies

Platinum Level  $35 a month covers school fees, uniform, supplies and food


High School Age Children  (Beginning Class 9)

Giraffe Level  $50 a month covers most school fees

Lion Level $ 75 a month helps with fees and supplies

Elephant Level $100 a month covers all fees, supplies and meals

Note: You may choose to sponsor High School age children at the silver, gold, and platinum levels also.  We may have multiple sponsors at lower levels in order to cover the fees in entirety.


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