AVH has several partnerships in Kenya and continues to grow throughout the country.

Makuru and Deepsea Slums – For many women in Kenya, when they are widowed, their late husband’s family takes his belongings. This has left many widows and their children living in what is considered some of the largest slums in Africa. Their children play in sewage, since there is no proper sanitation. They cannot send them to school. We are currently helping these women learn how to set up a sustainable business with the skills they have, making crafts that we can bring to the global market. Their first goal, they say, is to build a preschool for their children.

East Pokot – This remote tribe lives hours from civilization, is completely illiterate, and speaks a language that is only spoken by half a percent of people in Kenya. Their infant mortality rate is 80%. Without the help of AVH, they do not see a way to reach an outside market.

Maasai of Suswa and Narok – We work with a group of women in a Maasai village who are famous for their beautiful beadwork. Many of the women are widows with children to care for. Although this is a new partnership, the women have already had great success and met community goals of a workshop, a water tower, and farm animals.