A Villager’s Hand is a 501(c)3 fair trade nonprofit. We are committed to improving the lives of the villagers we help in developing countries, and we hope you will join us in that effort by supporting their work through the purchase of crafts, or by making a donation to women who are making a positive social change in their villages. Please give generously! Just click the word  "donate"  below!

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On a trip through the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, we met a widow living in a garbage dump.  She had constructed a small hut from mud and garbage to provide shelter for her three children. They had not eaten for a week.  

In a village in Peru, a woman told me she was in pain like fists pushing on her back, and asked for help.  When I raised her shirt, I saw she was a mere skeleton; her bones were pushing through her frail skin.  When asked what she ate, she motioned in the palm of her hand that she mixed a little water and flour into a paste.  She was literally starving to death.

A Villager's Hand is a 501c3 nonprofit that began five years ago to help impoverished women in developing countries through fair trade.  Women are aided in earning a sustainable income through crafts.  But often, these women are in need of immediate assistance before they can begin to earn and heal.  They often live in the worst imaginable conditions - a mud hut in a garbage dump the size of most of our closets- without access to clean water or sewage. We need help to get these women, many of whom are widows,  healthy and safe as they work towards their sustainable future.  A donation of $15 could be used to buy them a solar lamp because they have no electricity.  $25 could buy a water filtration system because they have no access to clean water. $35 provides food for a month.  $50 will buy a goat for milk for the children.  $150 will buy a water tank to store plenty of water. $400 will purchase a cow!  And we need $1500 to purchase a safe home with toilet facilities.  Whether you can donate $5 or $1500, every little bit will help us to provide emergency care for the women and children, and give them hope.  The need is ongoing. 

Consider a donation for emergency medical care as well.  Broken bones, severe burns, waterborne illnesses, and worse often go untreated because of the cost to see a doctor.  These women think that no one cares.  Let's show them we do!  Thank you.