Artisans from the Yi minorities in rural China live in remote villages, and often do not have access to the marketplace. Families struggle to survive on less than $40 a month. Many do not have electricity or running water. Some villages' only source of water may be the same one that their livestock bathe in and they wash their clothes in. At A Villager's Hand, we purchase their traditionally made crafts at a fair wage that is often 200% above their usual wage, and 400% above the poverty line. This will enable them to pay for education for their children, and provide food and healthcare for their families. Profits from the sale of their products will go into A Villager's Hand Foundation so that we can provide clean drinking water, and other community needs.

Products are not only handmade, they are a tradition that has passed from generation to generation. As one woman told me when asked how long their families have been making their items, "since my grandmother's grandmother's grandmother." Many of the items are made from natural and sustainable products including hemp. The artisans make their own threads and fabric from naturally occurring plants.