About Us

A Villager's HandA Villager’s Hand is a fair trade social enterprise for artisans in developing nations that helps them provide their families with the basic necessities like shelter, food, healthcare and education.  Our artisans struggle just to survive and are usually socially excluded from the majority in their country.  The villagers are often victims of war and bear both emotional and physical scars. They lack economic opportunity or access to a marketplace. A Villager’s Hand helps them develop new opportunities to create sustainable income to support their families.

At A Villager’s Hand, we work toward building lasting partnerships based on trust.  Our operations are always respectful of the customs and culture.  We help them market high quality, unique crafts and ethnic art, while ensuring that their work is both economically and environmentally sustainable.  Our goal is to provide hope for impoverished people around the world, giving them dignity through earned income.  We pledge to work with men and women in poverty to assist them through training and product development, encourage sustainable production practices and therefore create viable employment.  Artisans are offered design and product suggestions to increase marketability while building on and honoring their traditional skills. Regular contact is maintained through in-country partners and regional directors.

Women who once had no other way to provide for their families except prostitution will now be able to put food on the table.  In some countries, education is out of reach for families, but when they have the opportunities provided through partnership with A Villager’s Hand, their children can go to school.  In some countries, men have no choice but to leave their families to find employment, but as artisans, they can earn an income without leaving home.  Artisans receive fair wages for their work, and prices are set so they can invest in the growth of their business.  Artisans also receive an advance on their products so that they can purchase the materials they need.

A Villager’s Hand follows the core principles as outlined by the Fair Trade Federation and the World Fair Trade Organization.