Americans enjoy their cup of coffee, but did you know you can enjoy some of the finest coffee in the world and help village farmers escape poverty at the same time? Many coffee growers live in remote areas, and because they have no access to credit or transportation to the coffee markets, let alone access to the global market – they must rely on middle men who buy the coffee at a fraction of its value.

Fair trade coffee enables the farmers to get a set minimum price for their coffee, far above the market value they normally receive, but many farmers cannot pay the $3000-$10,000 annual fee to receive fair trade certification, and could only afford to do so if they are guaranteed to sell their entire crop at the fair trade price.  If they do not have access to enough buyers, they could lose money in an effort to receive a fair price.

This is why A Villager’s Hand is working with farmers in our artisan countries in a “direct trade” relationship.  Farmers will receive above the fair trade minimum per pound of coffee, approximately five times the rate they were previously paid.  The higher price will allow them to reinvest in their farms and in their village.

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